Thank You for 27 Amazing Years – Here’s to 27 More!

When Gary’s Welding Inc. opened it’s doors in 1989, we really didn’t know what was ahead…

27 years and many adventures later (some super exciting, some a little scary), we can look back with pride at what has been accomplished, as well as humility and thankfulness that we have been so honored with our customer’s trust.

Striking out and becoming an entrepreneur is serious business. But it is so worth the risks. It is our immense privilege to serve Gillette and Northeastern Wyoming for over two decades & counting. Gillette has seen it’s ups and downs economically speaking, but each time we weather through it – together. We want to continue to serve this area with the same excellence for which we are known for many more years to come.

To our customers, allow us to say ‘Thank You!’ from the bottom of our hearts. We so appreciate you!

Here are some interesting Gary’s Welding Inc. items from the vault that we think you might like…

Prior to starting his own business, one of Gary’s jobs was as a boilermaker at a plant in Colstrip, Montana.
Digging out from a huge snow storm around the same year Gary’s Welding Inc. was started.
An early logo
Gary’s Welding Inc. sponsored a bowling team in Gillette for many years. Here is the team on a trip to Reno for a tournament! (Gary is in the middle)
A ramp project from around 2001
An older ad we found in a phone book
Welders work in all types of weather…
…at any and all heights (harnessed of course). Here one of Gary’s daughters helps work on a plant project around 2003.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you have enjoyed our little jaunt down memory lane.

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