Can You Hear Me Now??

In a “normal” household, Dads tell their kids to turn their music down. We were always asking our Dad to turn the volume down… Growing up in a household where one parent was partially deaf was fun and never, ever boring! We didn’t have to learn sign language, because Dad could always hear out ofContinue reading “Can You Hear Me Now??”

Need Some Proper PPE?

We trust you are all staying safe during the resurgence of this pandemic. We have been working this whole time, wearing our carefully curated PPE… We here at Gary’s Welding Inc. are firm believers in proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Without it, our work would be, ummm, pretty painful and downright dangerous. Here are aContinue reading “Need Some Proper PPE?”

‘Adventures’ in Welding, Part 2

Yet More Cautionary Tales to Brighten Your Day If you haven’t read the first post in this series, check it out here… Just to recap, last time, we shared a few harrowing “adventures” that we have had in the welding biz. So, let’s get down to even more welding shrapnel (brass tacks??), shall we? IContinue reading “‘Adventures’ in Welding, Part 2”


Yes, that’s right…Gary’s Welding Inc. turns 30 years old this month!! Wayyyyy back in August of 1989, who would have known we would see 30? Check out our post here to see a little walk down memory lane (complete with some of our all-time favorite pictures)… A huge THANK YOU all of our customers!! ToContinue reading “30!!!!!!!”

Welding DIY, Part 2: Setting up Your First Welding Truck

Here Are 4 Truck-Must-Haves You Can Make Yourself This is a continuation from our post on setting up your first welding shop (see that post here). When you first start your own welding business, having a welding truck is a necessity if you are going to do any portable welding. Where we live in beautifulContinue reading “Welding DIY, Part 2: Setting up Your First Welding Truck”

Underwater Welding: Jules Verne’s Dream Job?

Yes, underwater welding is a legit thing. It sounds so Jules Verne, doesn’t it? Yet, despite the hazards of working in soupy surroundings that have a legion of variables and safety issues to consider, there are those brave souls who weld underwater. Did you know? An underwater welder is first and foremost a commercial diver.Continue reading “Underwater Welding: Jules Verne’s Dream Job?”

Explosion vs. Magnetic Pulse (and other ways to weld)

Perhaps you’ve heard of explosion welding? Yes, there is such a thing! If you’ve never heard of it, just a quick, very basic explanation: explosion welding takes two separate pieces of metal and, via the force of the explosion, welds the pieces together. It just sounds cool and epic, right? Explosion welding is very effectiveContinue reading “Explosion vs. Magnetic Pulse (and other ways to weld)”