‘Adventures’ in Welding, Part 2

Yet More Cautionary Tales to Brighten Your Day If you haven’t read the first post in this series, check it out here…https://garysweldinginc.com/2017/10/19/adventures-in-welding-and-other-cautionary-tales/ Just to recap, last time, we shared a few harrowing “adventures” that we have had in the welding biz. So, let’s get down to even more welding shrapnel (brass tacks??), shall we? IContinue reading “‘Adventures’ in Welding, Part 2”

Two Longs and a Short: The Beginning, Part 1

Every welder gets their start somewhere. Whether they grew up working in their Dad’s shop as a young boy or girl, or whether they learned the skill sometime later in life, they had to start somewhere. I remember distinctly being a young’un of about 6 or 7, standing in the welding shop my Dad workedContinue reading “Two Longs and a Short: The Beginning, Part 1”

‘Adventures’ in Welding, Part 1 (and other cautionary tales)

Welding is, as many of you can guess, categorized with those professions that can be a little on the precarious side at times. Not in league with, say, extreme sports, mind you. Although some welding adventures are equally as exhilarating as jumping blindly off a snow-covered cliff on a bike in some remote mountain range.Continue reading “‘Adventures’ in Welding, Part 1 (and other cautionary tales)”

Thoughts on Packing a Plant & Bus Rides in Countries with Unusual Names

Let me tell you the story of a colossal project we undertook back in 2000… It does eventually end up in a faraway country, involving adventurous bus rides, but first things first. A company that we had done maintenance work for over the previous few years approached us about a rather unusual project. It involvedContinue reading “Thoughts on Packing a Plant & Bus Rides in Countries with Unusual Names”