Two Longs and a Short: The Beginning, Part 2

In the first blog post of this series (see part 1 here) , we left off with a 14-year-old boy running away from home. What does this have to do with welding, you might ask? Plenty! Just stick with me here. Okay, where was I? Oh yes – every welder has to get their startContinue reading “Two Longs and a Short: The Beginning, Part 2”

Welding DIY – Setting up Your First Welding Shop

Here are 4 Shop Must-Haves You Can Make Yourself So, have you seen the little DIY welding projects you can make out of horseshoes or rebar? Of course you have!! Google “DIY Welding Projects” and at least a few pictures of horseshoe and or rebar projects are bound to appear. They’re cute, too. But I’mContinue reading “Welding DIY – Setting up Your First Welding Shop”

Two Longs and a Short: The Beginning, Part 1

Every welder gets their start somewhere. Whether they grew up working in their Dad’s shop as a young boy or girl, or whether they learned the skill sometime later in life, they had to start somewhere. I remember distinctly being a young’un of about 6 or 7, standing in the welding shop my Dad workedContinue reading “Two Longs and a Short: The Beginning, Part 1”

Underwater Welding: Jules Verne’s Dream Job?

Yes, underwater welding is a legit thing. It sounds so Jules Verne, doesn’t it? Yet, despite the hazards of working in soupy surroundings that have a legion of variables and safety issues to consider, there are those brave souls who weld underwater. Did you know? An underwater welder is first and foremost a commercial diver.Continue reading “Underwater Welding: Jules Verne’s Dream Job?”

Explosion vs. Magnetic Pulse (and other ways to weld)

Perhaps you’ve heard of explosion welding? Yes, there is such a thing! If you’ve never heard of it, just a quick, very basic explanation: explosion welding takes two separate pieces of metal and, via the force of the explosion, welds the pieces together. It just sounds cool and epic, right? Explosion welding is very effectiveContinue reading “Explosion vs. Magnetic Pulse (and other ways to weld)”

All About the Osage Stack

The tiny town of Osage is situated in Northeastern Wyoming, about an hour and a half drive from Gillette by way of Moorcroft and Upton. It’s nestled in the bentonite foothills of the Black Hills and both Upton and Osage have nice stands of tall ponderosa pines. At one time, it was the sight ofContinue reading “All About the Osage Stack”

Adrenaline Junkie? Just Dodge a Deadline.

Today we will take a little break from welding to talk deadlines. We all have deadlines to meet, regardless of the career we each happen to be in. That is such a common fact that I nearly bored myself to tears just writing that last sentence. *sniff* But…you should definitely keep reading, because deadlines areContinue reading “Adrenaline Junkie? Just Dodge a Deadline.”